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Why should you maintain your transmission?

 Anything that has nearly 1,000 parts is likely to be expensive to repair. So investing periodically in replacement of the fluid and filter along with a thorough inspection can only serve to prolong the transmission's life and might save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

If you think your transmission has an internal problem, do not allow any repair facility force you into authorizing a tear down.

Contact Fleet Transmission and we will be glad to explain this legal way to rip you off.

Why do you need auto consulting?

There are numerous reasons why you may still be dealing with an automotive dealership. Perhaps your vehicle is still under warranty, or you haven't been able to find a repair facility that does the work you need.

Whatever the case may be, using an independent consultant can be beneficial to both you and your vehicle.

A knowledgeable consultant will understand your vehicle and it's problems, preventing a dealership from up-selling, overcharging, or performing unnecessary repairs that "aren't covered" by your warranty.


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